Thank you for your confidence in Debsdoodles to provide you with not only a quality puppy, but a puppy with the best chances of being genetically clear through out the life of that puppy. We are proud of the concern that we have for the breed, the pups and our clients.

Please, fill out this application and return to Debsdoodles with an application fee of $300.00 to reserve a puppy from an upcoming litter.  If you are purchasing a puppy already born, please complete and mail the Contract and Guarantee instead.

Debsdoodles has the policy to return everyone's application fee when canceling their reserved puppy, prior to a litter of puppies being born. The application fee will be refundable until the pups are born.

At that time should you decide that you need to back out of the agreement, DebsDoodles will no longer refund the application fee.

Puppy Application

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Preferred breed? *
Would you consider any color that was available? *
Sex preference
Are you or anyone in your immediate family allergic to dogs? *
Anyone with asthma? *
Do you have a safe environment to raise a puppy? *
Have you had experience with having a new puppy and what it takes to deal with a new addition to the family? *
Are there other pets in the home? *
Do you rent or own? *
Owning a dog is a life-long commitment, however unexpected situations do happen. Would you be willing to notify DebsDoodles should the pup need to be re-homed and accept any assistance in doing so? *
Debsdoodles recommends that all pups are crate trained to help aid in the basic training of a puppy. Although this is not a requirement, do you have an aversion to using a crate at home for your new pup? *
Please know that I am unable to ship within Montana. If you are purchasing a puppy within Montana you will need to come and pick up your puppy.