Puppy Contract

Upon signing this contract, you are agreeing to:

 1. Exercising your dog

 2. Attending Puppy classes and obedience classes when oldenough, and providing proper socialization skills for the dog, training is solely the buyers responsibility .Puppy classes are a recommendation only but makes for a better dog when all know what is expected of them.

 3. Feed the dog food recommended by either us, as the breeder or your vet.

 4. Follow vet’s vaccination recommendation, all vaccinationsonce leaving the Breeder becomes the responsibility of theBuyer’s.

 5. Keep your puppy away from public places until he/she hasall of their required puppy vaccinations. Your puppy cancontract many viraldiseases that can cause your puppy tobecome seriously ill, or can be potentially fatal.

 6. Raise the dog with love and proper training so that he/shegrows to be a good dog .No hitting and do not rub yourpuppy’s nose in “IT” if they have an accident

 7. Maintain proper weight, so that dog is neither underweightnor overweight.

 8. The owner agrees to keep, house, and properly care for thisdog, keeping them out of the weather to the best of their abilities.

 9. The owner understands and agrees that all responsibility ofthe dogs care, feeding, grooming,  exercising is the Buyers responsibility.

10. It is understood by you that this puppy is completely dependent on you for all their needs

11. Any break in the above stipulations will be considered a breech of contract

The puppy will come with a current Health Certificate upto date with shots and worming schedule

I guarantee your pet to be free from major disabilities that would keep him/her from functioning as apet.

I will replace this puppy with another PET PUPPY ONLY,   If the puppy should develop any life threatening GENETIC disease, this would include, but is not limited too, hip dysplasia, genetic eye disorders and other genetic diseases as determined and agreed upon by your vet and mine.  This guarantee DOES NOT include Changes due to normalaging. 

I guarantee thattesting on the parents of said puppy have been completed and to the best ofmy knowledge the parents do not have any life threateninggenetic disorders. I will provide copies of testing upon request.

Due to certain variables there is no way to guarantee forCushing's, Addison's or Sebaceous Adenitis, so these are NOT COVERED. Parents are tested for these diseases, and found to be clear before breeding, through comprehensive blood work,  but these are genetics that can come through from as many as ten generations back.


 1.) The BREEDER strongly recommends that the BUYER have PUPPY examined by a licensed veterinarian of the Buyer’s choice within 72 hours of receipt of the PUPPY.  Buyer understands that stress related diarrhea is common and treatable. If the PUPPY is found to be other than healthy by the Buyer’s veterinarian within 3 days (72 hours) after delivery to the BUYER excluding normal puppy afflictions; for example worms, or stress related bowel problems, as agreed uponand attested to in writing to the BREEDER by the Buyer’s veterinarian. The BREEDER will provide the BUYER with a replacement pet PUPPY as soon as such a PUPPY is available to the BREEDER.

We do not consider external or internal parasites an illness, as they are common in puppies. At times, coccidiosis can be caused from the stress of the new home/environment, this causes diarrhea, etc. If noticed, we recommend that the puppy should be taken to the vet. We do not guarantee against coccidiosis, giarada, or wormssince these are common in puppies.  All costs of the veterinarian exam are at your, ( buyers) expense.

We take every precaution to assure that your puppy is free from external and internal parasites. Puppies are wormed on a regular schedule as determined by our vet.

2.) All pups are guaranteed to function as PETS. If it cannot fulfill that function due to hereditary causes ( hip dysplasia, etc.) Then a replacement puppywill be provided from the next available litter.  Any shipping charges for replacement puppy are at BUYERS expense. This guarantee is for 3 years.


 But we do require a veterinarian statement regarding either the health of your puppy or in the event of death a Death Certificate, from your Veterinarian.

 3.) Should the buyer decide for any reason, at any time during the life of the dog, not to keep the above mentioned dog, she/he is to notify the breeder, who will have first option to (a) allow the BREEDER the right of first refusal should the BUYER decide to sell, relinquish or transfer the PUPPY; or (b) assist the BUYER in finding a suitable home for the PUPPY. BREEDER will refund no money on returned pups, unless for medical genetic issues or death due to medicalgenetic issues as certified by a veterinarian.

Return shipping costs will be at the BUYERS expense unless returned within72 hours of purchase

 4.) This PUPPY must not be resold to any owner, agent or individual connected with a pet shop or wholesaler of dogs. THIS DOG IS NOT TO BE TURNED OVER TO ANY ANIMAL SHELTER OR HUMANE SOCIETY.

5.) The buyer has read and understands the foregoing and agrees that all parts and portions thereof constitutes an agreement between seller and buyer

6.) The buyer understands that there is a non-refundable $300 deposit. 

Signed by Breeder as an electronic signature: Deb Ring


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