All puppies are priced as indicated below. I do not charge a different price for females over males

F1/F1B Standard Sized Goldendoodles: $1800.00 (shipping not included)

Toy/Petite and Medium Goldendoodles: $2100.00 (shipping not included)

Giant Schnoodles: $2000.00 (shipping not included) 

All puppies have a $300.00 deposit that is part of the final price on your puppy. 

Please read the Puppy Application for more information regarding my deposit policy.

The balance on pup needs to be paid in full by the 7th week.  If pup is purchased past the 7th week, payment needs to be made in full at time of purchase. If picking up in person we can make other arrangements for final payment.

What to Expect when you buy a “Deb's Doodles” puppy

The price of your puppy includes: Spayed/neutered, up to date vaccinations, AVID Micro chip and multiple de-wormings. Your puppy will come with food, and health record, Avid registration papers, also a vet health inspection within 48 hours of departure.

Shipping is available and will cost approximately $250.00 to $400.00. Shipping costs are for airfare. Airfare will be charged at the same rate that the airlines charges me. I use Delta Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and United Airlines.

There is also a kennel charge (shipping crate and health certificate, which is not included in the price of shipping a puppy. Depending on the size of your puppy, and will start about $100.00 for both.  The larger the pup, the bigger the kennel.

The balance on pup needs to be paid in full by the 7th week.  If pup is purchased past the 7th week, payment needs to be made in full at time of purchase. 

I am over one and half hours from an airport but do not charge for transportation to the vet or the airport. Weather and road conditions can be a factor in getting your puppy to the airport during bad weather. I do make every effort to get your puppy to a scheduled flight, but if conditions are severe my safety and the safety of your pup are more important, and we can always rebook a flight when the weather and road conditions are safe for travel.


PLEASE NOTE IF YOUR AIRPORT CHOICE REQUIRES Delta Dash, up to a $100.00 CHARGE WILL BE APPLIED.  I try to make arrangements where it is not required to do a DASH shipment.  I charge you what the airline charges me for these flights, so no hidden costs.

Please also be aware if we are unable to ship a direct flight and there is an overnight stay, there will be a kennel charge.  I will do everything I can to get your puppy to you without doing an overnight stay. This seldom happens, as we are able to get your puppy to you in one day.

ALL overseas flights have a higher rate, with additional charges.  I will not ship to Great Britain or other countries where there is a mandatory quarantine period.  It is possible to ship to Hawaii but can take many months to get your puppy to you, as it is a rabies free state. Hawaii will allow the quarantine period to be here at my home for the allotted time period. There are many steps to shipping into any country that is considered rabies free, it is also very expensive to do so. If you are in a country that is rabies free, I will do my best to help you locate a breeder that you can possibly work with.  If you are still interested in one of my pups and willing to do all it takes to get a puppy to you, I will also assist you in all the steps required.

When shipping, payment is expected in FULL two weeks prior, this is if your puppy is under 6 weeks of age. All puppies after 8 weeks old are paid in full in advance of shipping. Most airlines will no longer allow puppies under 10 weeks of age to be shipped.

Call me at 406-741-5103 if you have any questions for me.



Snail mail address

Deb Ring
30 Far West Rd
Lonepine, MT. 59848

Please go to our Contract & Guarantee page. Print contract/guarantee and mail signed and dated copy with your payment. Thank you.

I do not accept credit cards, I do however take PayPal, which will allow you to pay with your credit card. There is a 4% service charge on ALL PayPal transactions.

Otherwise I take personal checks, money orders and cashiers checks. All checks must clear my bank before I will ship your puppy. No exceptio